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What do we do?

We are an online education platform that specializes in acumen diversification. Offering meaningful education as a service to all people, without walls and without invisible ceilings. 

Our online courses are designed to help you build your future despite the hard times. We know what it feels like to want a better future but not know where to start. We are proud to be your starting place.

Greatness Learned was founded by Impact Entrepreneur, Christine Sanni.

Christine Sanni has built an award-winning career in technology; expanded her commitment and efforts towards environmental conservation; and is focused on helping others understand what makes them great. She founded the #greatlymade community in 2019 to align with her belief that every human being deserves to know and understand their greatness. She is an unapologetic voice in this new decade.

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A note from our founder...

The Greatness Learned platform will serve humanity. As humans, we know we have more to give. It's in our DNA, the curiosity of why we were born. The million-dollar question - What is my purpose? I'd like to make that more tangible for people. Your purpose is about exploring what you're most passionate about and then finding a way to give that to the world. So, if we know that all we have to do to understand our purpose is to explore what it is we want to give, then why don't we do it?  Well, one of the reasons is that we don't feel we deserve to figure it out. It's why we coach. The other reason is that once we figure out what it is we're passionate about, we have nowhere to go to tell the world "This is me. This is what I want to give." It's why we built the #greatlymade community.  The last reason is that we don't know how to bring our passions to fruition. It's why we built Greatness Learned.


Greatness Learned will position its students to thrive in life and succeed through impact, discovering what's really possible in their lives. I want to give our users information that's not readily available. Why? Because we all have the ability to change the world. Not everyone will be willing to create a better future. They will believe that greatness isn't in their cards. But we know that simply isn't true.

What do you believe?

For those that are ready, we are ready too.


- Christine Sanni

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Why are we DIFFERENT?

Our online courses are designed without walls and without invisible ceilings. And that means irrespective of who you are, you're going to have access to it all. Nothing held back, just empowering content that will not only teach you what's possible but also make you powerful.


Distance learning can give you an online education.


But Greatness Learned is designed to disrupt your comfort zone and teach you that greatness is possible, not just for the few but for those willing to become a student of life. Some will think we're crazy to give away what you're getting ready to learn for just $10/Month. Are we? Maybe! But we are equally unapologetic about leveling the playing field in an ever-changing world. 

You'll read in my book a call to take your "breaths above water." This is how. If you're ready. If you're curious. If you're daring. Become a student today and learn how to build your future despite the hard times. 

Greatness Learned


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Meet Me At The Table Where Greatness & Impact Collide inspires conversation, uncovers much-needed insight, and activates the fire we all need to discover and create one’s legacy. If you are looking to “take your breaths above water,” this is the book for you. This is Christine Sanni’s first literary work, her first leap as an author, and a timely demonstration that anything you put your mind to is possible. Learn how your journey has already given you the tools you need to not only create but leave your lasting mark.

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You're right, everything has changed. 

Our beliefs are directly responsible for how we show up in this world. There will always be those things we cannot control. We are here to demonstrate, that even in the hard times' greatness is still yours to create.


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