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what is governance?

A set of rules and standards in the form of written policy that direct and control a specific domain.

the need for better 

People are dynamic. The nature of human interaction with technology is relentlessly dynamic. When we create and implement governance, we must also have a system to enhance it contemporaneously in response to organizational, technological, and societal change. 

Effectiveness matters. Governance today does not equate to effective governance. Having the best, most comprehensive policies doesn't ensure compliance with them. Governance is only effective when it is followed or enhanced when it is not.  Ineffective governance increases risk and exposes vulnerabilities often when it's too late. 

Tangible Results. When we prioritize Governance, we intend to drive visible results for all involved. This is real accountability.

Long-term Impact. When the focus is to govern better, the long-term impacts are safer digital ecosystems and participants that thrive.

We can restore trust. "If we build, they will come." When they do come, the onus is on us to maintain and build trust. We can build more trust with better Governance.

let's drive better outcomes together.
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Christine Sanni is an award-winning technologist and innovator who speaks to empower her audience.  She is pioneering digital governance as Founder & CEO of Sybal, the world's 1st Proof-of-Governance Solution. Sybal's technology is Patent Pending and is focused on establishing and maintaining trust between providers and users in digital ecosystems. To have Christine speak at your next event contact us today.

Let's talk about governance
Meet Me At The Table - by Christine Sanni
Christine Sanni_Proof of Governance (1).png
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