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Innovating governance

"If we build a more digitally advanced world, all people should thrive in that world. My work is dedicated to helping institutions create sustainable opportunities for others to thrive."

-Christine Sanni

Book christine sanni to speak

Christine Sanni is an award-winning technologist and innovator who speaks to empower her audience.  She is pioneering the transformation of Governance for regulated industries, working to make static Governance systems dynamic and transparent. She is an inventor of the internationally patent pending method and system, Proof of Governance, which measures policies for effectiveness to prove the state of governance wellness in real time and without bias. Christine is the Founder and CEO of Sybal Corp, a Governance innovation company, innovating Governance for trusted outcomes. 

Meet Me At The Table - by Christine Sanni

Meet Me At The Table Where Greatness & Impact Collide inspires conversation, uncovers much-needed insight, and activates the fire we all need to discover and create one’s legacy. Buy her book today!

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